An air conditioner is necessary especially if you live in a hot climate. With a properly working air conditioner, it will be very difficult for you to beat the heat this summer. “AC not cooling” is a common problem faced by many users. So, if you are one of these users, here are some of the AC problems that you can face and the solutions to fix these problems.

Common causes and fixes for AC not cooling: 

There is a huge variety of problems that you can face with your AC. However, not all of these problems occur frequently. I will be discussing the problems that occur the most. 

1. The refrigerant amount is low

This is one of the most common causes of the problem of ac not cooling. When the refrigerant level of the air conditioner becomes low, there is not enough coolant to cool down your room temperature at your home or workplace. This happens especially when there is a leak in the line of the refrigerant.


However, to solve this problem, you need to consult an HVAC technician. You can call the technicians of AC Reapir Dubai. This is too complicated to repair on your own. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is the full form of HVAC. These are technicians who specialize in this field.      

2. The evaporator coils are frozen 

The evaporator coil of your AC contains the refrigerant in the system. This coil acts as a sponge and absorbs the heat of the room. It may seem odd, but these coils require warm air around it to effectively cool down the room temperature. However, when this coil gets frozen, this air conditioner not cooling problem shows up. 


So, when you are facing this problem, you have to shut it off immediately. You might not see the ice on the coil, but it can be frozen. Turning off the AC will prevent it from getting damaged. If it runs in this state of a frozen coil, the compressor of the AC can be damaged. Then, you can consult an HVAC technician to inspect your AC and solve this AC not cooling problem.      

3. The condenser coils are dirty

If the condenser coils of your AC get dirty, then the AC may not function properly. These condenser coils are a part of the uint of your AC which is located outside your house. It helps to get rid of the warm air from within the building. So, if these coils get covered with layers of dust, it will not function properly. Due to these layers of dust, your AC has to work hard, which exerts a lot of pressure on different parts of the system. This can lead to the breakdown of these parts.  


So, to solve this air conditioner is working but not the cooling problem, you have to clean the condenser coil unit of your ac. Before starting the process, you need some tools. 


  • Coil cleaner recommended by your AC manufacturer
  • A vacuum cleaner with the attachment of a soft brush. 
  • Sprayer attached to a water hose. 
  • An eye protection, a pair of gloves, and work clothes. 

After you have all these materials ready, you can follow the given steps to solve this air conditioner is working but not the cooling problem:- 

  • First, you have to turn off the thermostat. 
  • Then, locate the metal box of the electrical disconnect. This will be located close to the unit present outside. 
  • You have to open this box and locate the switch that turns off the ac. 
  • Now, clean any large pieces of debris by wearing the gloves. 
  • Use the vacuum cleaner with the attachment of the soft-brush to clean the fins of the condenser delicately. Make sure not to bend the fins.
  • After that, clean any loose debris by using the water hose spray.
  • Then, use the coil cleaner to spray the outside unit of the ac.
  • You have to wait for about 10-15 minutes until the coil cleaner bombs with the dirt. 
  • After that, use the hole to rinse off the coil cleaner.  

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After you have completed the procedure, your AC not working problem will be solved. However, if you are not confident to do this procedure yourself, then you can consult a professional HVAC technician. 

4. Faulty capacitors

Sometimes, the outside AC unit not running but inside is running problem can be caused due to faulty capacitors. The capacitors are used to store the energy which is required to power the fan of the AC. Some AC has dual capacitors, which helps in powering the compressor as well as the fans. 


Like normal batteries, the capacitors also lose their ability to store energy over time. These capacitors can also get damaged due to high temperatures, power surges, and high voltage. However, if you want to check if the problem of outside AC unit not running but inside is occurring due to the capacitor problem, you do some tests. 


Put a slender, strong, and long wooden stick in between the shielding of your AC’s fan. Then, give one of the blades a gentle push by using a non-conductive material. Do not use your hand. There is a chance that you can get electrocuted.


If the fan starts spinning, it will indicate that the start capacitor is having some problems. You can take the help of an HVAC personnel to replace the capacitor and solve your AC not cooling problem. 

5. Faulty ducts

There are ducts that help to take the warm air out of your space and bring cool air from the air into your space. However, sometimes these ducts get breaks and holes within them. This can be caused by careless workers or docents. Due to this, the cooled air does not reach your space and ends up inside your walls. 


So, if you are experiencing an air conditioner, not the cooling problems, there is a chance that your ducts may have some problem. It is always better to check for fractures and breaks along the duct line of your AC. You can ask for help from the technicians at AC Maintenance Dubai to fix this problem. 

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6. Problems in your thermostat

If your device is still using the dial-type thermostats, which are an old design, there is a chance that it can be calibrated incorrectly. This would mean that the control system is not being able to send the correct information to your AC. 


However, this problem is relatively easier to fix than other problems. All you have to do is to recalibrate or replace the existing thermostat. Or, you can take the help of the manual if you are having a new reprogrammable thermostat since the programming can be a bit tricky. After making all the settings correctly, your air conditioner not the cooling problem will be solved.

7. Blocked drains

Sometimes, you may see that waters are dripping from your AC. These waters are coming for the drainage system of your AC. These drains are used to transfer the moisture that your AC has gathered from the air. Then, it transfers them into the pan. 


So, if you want to avoid air conditioner, not working problem, you must check the drains and the pans of your AC regularly to prevent any water from storing. If the water gets stores, it can also damage your house walls. It can also lead to the growth of molds within your AC and as a result, will end up damaging it.