You can find a hundred Android users as it is widely used by the people. It provides a lot of customizations, affordability, ease of use as well as flexibility. Apart from that, have you ever thought of accessing someone else’s mobile phone remotely from your PC? To be knowledgeable you can get to know how to use AndroRat for pc. Well, this is something we are going to talk about in this article. AndroRat apk is the application that lets you do such things. 

What is AndroRat?

AndroRat or Android Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is basically a JAVA based Remote Administration Tool that allows you remotely monitor or control smartphones to access the data, call logs, contacts as well as files on the phone. This was basically built by 4 students to control Android devices remotely.

However, it is quite fascinating that you can access all the data of the phone, even if you can access the location by GPS or the Network via the AndroRat apk. In addition to that, you can even capture a picture or make a call.

Features of the AndroRat Apk:

Impressed with the above information, you can look for more features that you can get with the AndroRat installed on your PC. Check out the below section to know the features of the AndroRat Apk.

  • AndroRat gives you access to all the call logs.
  • Also, you can access the browsing history.
  • You too can access all the history related to the phone.
  • The camera can be accessed as well and you click pictures.
  • You can make calls and send messages.
  • AndroRat can also stream videos. However, it is based on the client’s activity.
  • Remotely you can vibrate the phone.
  • You can access the applications that are installed in the system.
  • You can even monitor the ongoing messages and previous conversations.
  • It gives you access to get all the information about any contact.
  • You can even stream sound as well as use the microphone of the mobile. 
  • In addition to all that, you can even monitor the live call conversations.

AndroRat Apk Download & Install

As now you are aware of the features of the AndroRat, you might want to use it. However, before you go for the AndroRat Apk Download, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. As this is a JAVA application, you need to deal with the following.

  1. Windows Firewall and Antivirus should be turned off.
  2. You will need a fast Internet Connection.
  3. To deploy the client app, you need an Android Phone.
  4. Your laptop or desktop should have the JAVA installed.
  5. A Wireless router is a necessity.

Although for AndroRat download, you can click on this suitable link below and download AndroRat for PC as well as perform AndroRat Setup. You might need a No IP account to download the client. 

How to Use AndroRat for PC?

By Clicking the AndroRat Download, you have to do the AndroRat Setup by following the above steps, Once done then you need to follow the instructions on how to use AndroRat.

What to do for the Windows Device? [AndroRat Download]

  • You have to use the Port Router Forwarder. For that, you need to enable the IPv4. and to do so, press and hold the Windows key + R key to open the Run dialog box. In the box, type “cmd” to open the Command Prompt. Once the Command Prompt opens, type ipconfig and hit Enter. There you will find the IPv4 address, just copy it.
  • Now you have to install the Port Router Forwarder. Once the installation is done, your router will be detected by the application. Then click on the Add button and provide any name you want. Now, you have to change in the internal IP column, enter the IPv4 address and followed by clicking on OK whereas making no changes on the TCP (Default), Port 8080.

What to do for the Smartphone? [AndroRat Download]

If you have to install an application for the victim’s smartphone, then you can just make your own application so that it stays hidden from the victim’s eye. And to do that AndroRat Binder, this will help to create an application. 

  • To create the application, just open the AndroRat Binder folder and click on the Build button to build one.
  • After that, in the IP column, you have to enter your IPv4 as well as fill the Port with 8080. Then click on the Go button. Now, you have to wait until the application creation process is complete. Then in that folder, you will find the frame.apk which you have to install on the victim’s smartphone.
  • Once you have completed all the above, now you just have to install the frame.apk in the target’s smartphone. After the installation is done on the target’s phone, now you have to launch the AndroRat Server Application. Then just go to Server Menu and click on the Port. Further, enter 8080 followed by clicking Ok.
  • Once it is done, wait until it connects to the Smartphone. Select the Android smartphone, then click on Tap and select the User Interface Menu.

Now, you are connected with the smartphone. Now, you can access all the data on the phone.

Summing Up

AndroRat Apk is a great option to keep an eye on anyone who is connected to you. Simply click the AndroRat Download and create an application for the target’s phone and connect it with the desktop. Once done the AndroRat Setup, now you will get to know how to use AndroRat and finally access the files and details of the target’s phone.