Remote jobs worldwide have become common because of the increase in the number of freelance software developers. People especially millennials want remote IT jobs instead of working full time. Companies hire remote software developers for database management, software development, marketing management, and data entry. Various firms hire remote developers for tasks of content writing, graphic designing, IT management, and online teaching.

Writing jobs involve content writers who use their language skills to engage, educate, illuminate, or convince the audience of a particular topic. Content writers produce content that is accessible to the general audience through the internet. Companies hire remote developers for writing papers, journals, reports, blog entries, social media posts or content, and website content. Remote writing jobs involve easy tasks of editing, paraphrasing, and writing which helps to make money for people. Furthermore, home-based content writing jobs are becoming common because you can easily work from home using a sound internet connection and a laptop.

Following are the best remote writing jobs to make money in 2022:

Content writer:

A content writer can earn around $45k per year. Content writers are hired to write blogs and posts for websites and social media pages. Blogging has become common as many companies and firms post blogs for their products or services to entertain and educate the audience. Blogging is also done to generate a new audience and capture new clients. The written content thus becomes profitable for the company. Freelance content writers have specified their rates according to the content written. You can earn more if you write more content. Increasing per word rate can also increase your wages.

Clients provide content writers with a specified deadline during which the writer has to submit the content. You can get paid weekly or monthly as a content writer.


Copywriting involves the process of converting readers into clients. Copywriters are hired by companies to write emails, sales copy, landing page copy, blog posts, and whitepapers. A copywriter can make about $72k per year in the US. Copywriters have the responsibility of persuading readers to buy the company’s staff. This helps to engage more clients and drive sales. Affiliate marketing also helps to gain more leads.


A proofreader while working remotely guarantees that the text is free of grammatical and linguistic errors, spelling mistakes, formatting, and sentence structure errors. They are not allowed to alter the content but rather just modify and improve the text using their linguistic skills by reducing grammatical errors. Income for proofreaders depends on the quality of work provided and the level of language they use. The average salary of a proofreader in the US is $35k per year.


Editors can be classified into various categories such as Resume editor, Video editor, Developmental editor, Copy editor, Web editor, and online editor. A slight difference exists between proofreaders and editors i.e. editors are allowed to change the text and add deeper meanings to it. This ultimately clarifies the meanings of the text and provides information at a deeper stage. Editors are hired by companies to edit blogs to produce better quality content. They are also hired to fix grammatical and spelling errors. They make the content coherent and organized. Sometimes, they are specifically hired to edit videos and images. Editors can also simplify the meanings of complex texts written in blogs and articles. A developmental editor is specially hired to change the meanings of the text by providing deeper knowledge of a topic.

Online translation jobs:

Translation is the process of converting a text from one language to another. There are several languages in the world and no one understands every language. The translation is important for people to understand the meanings of the text in their native language. Remote translation jobs are available through the internet where the writers translate one language to another. The original concept of the text is not altered and only the content is translated in the desired language. English is our international language and most of the blogs written in native languages of particular areas are translated into English to make people understand.

With the advancement of time and technology, more employees are required to perform the tasks efficiently. It becomes easier to accomplish the tasks remotely because of increased employee comfort and work time flexibility. Thus, the government and business entrepreneurs should introduce newer opportunities for remote work for young candidates and the companies should hire remote developers. More marketplaces like Hire together should be designed because they are offering both in terms of comfort and money.