Since countries have different rules and regulations, shipping costs and services vary from one country to another. But, vape pens are increasingly becoming popular around the globe. The global market now stands at US $15bn dollars in 2021. Popular countries have legalized vaping and allowed for international shipping. On the other hand, many countries that do not allow it still see illegal markets flourish, proving the high demand and need for these products. 

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Many vape brands do ship to countries around the world! They do it with caution and maintain the regulations, and most cannot give any assurance since it is prohibited in many countries. Some companies selectively ship only to countries where it is allowed. Many other factors come into play, including size restrictions, import/export policies, and specific state rules. Many states may have stricter shipping policies that may be different from your country’s policy. If you want to purchase vape pens in your country, you can do so at

Things to make sure while shipping vape internationally

Even in shipping vape pens are allowed internationally, there are strict regulations led by efficient monitoring and security systems. These import/export regulations may vary from one state to another. They help companies and individuals infer if and how they can ship or send vapes to people across the border.


  • Age Restrictions 

Regardless of the shipping, there are strict age restrictions you may have to ensure. These regulations exist to ensure that the vape kits are used by those considered responsible enough to make informed decisions for themselves. Age limitations, as usual, also vary from one country and one state to another. You may verify your age with required documentation per order to ensure you are fulfilling legal requirements. These strict verifications exist as in 2019, up to 9% of the early teens of the age 13-14 already vaped nicotine.


  • Duty, Fees, and Customs 

The costs for international shipping are not cheap, in any case. But, when companies have customers willing to pay those customs for their unique product, they can enable international shipping. Many vape brands that have a global reputation do not have to ensure products across borders. You can check across companies and find a plan that does offer you the most assistance in case of errors in delivery. Once a user pays for the product and shipping (which increases as per the distance), it is their sole responsibility to incur any added costs and fees. Since shippers that deliver internationally may agree upon these prohibited items, given they comply with country regulations. You can then check from shipping options like a priority, regular flat rate, or regional options and choose the option per your need. 

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  • Specifications and Product Limits 

Many countries and shipping rules have limitations upon e-cigarette battery limits. These are to ensure safe air travel. To enable smoother shipping, just as individuals have to double-check their e-cigarette batteries and kit rules before flying, you can do so for specific country shipping rules. In the case of internationally mailing vape pens or sending them yourself, here are the rules you must consider.

Once you comply with all specifications permitted, you can make sure that you follow the packaging rules. These rules only facilitate a smoother transition through the shipping channels to the end customer. Your package may be delivered without any hassles if the packaging is clear and concise. Do mark the external packaging or container of a mail expressing the nature of the contents within can fasten your process. Add orientation arrows wherever necessary.

Strict Terms and Conditions for International Shipping  

A good practice to follow before you ship vape internationally is to have a comprehensive idea of the Terms and Conditions provided. This in-depth knowledge can accommodate a variety of problems that you may face in the process. A good awareness of these will give you the tools required in case things do go wrong. Any international shipping may involve a lot of agents. Such delays and decisions take shipping partners, company timelines, and rules across the world into consideration. Unfortunate hassles people face include lost, delayed, and undelivered items. If you know how to tackle these issues, you can immediately contact the company or shipping courier and try your best to get objects delivered to you. 

Since international vape shipping is risky, it is the users’ sole responsibility while placing international orders. Regardless of assurances and continual efforts by shipping partners, sometimes erroneous shipping hurdles tend to occur. In many cases, this is a result of incomplete or incorrect shipping details. You can avoid this mistake by checking your address twice before you place the order. Many companies may offer assistance for such errors, but any assurance is often unlikely. 

Delays in orders depend on various public holidays, varying from the company, the shipping couriers, and holidays in different countries. It is unlikely they fasten the delivery in any case.

Bottom Line 

Opting for International Shipping is no easy task. It is the reason why many vape companies and brands keep themselves off the global service charts. But many that desire premium, globally renowned products do not shy away from taking a gamble. If allowed in your country, it might even be easy to get a hand on these products without much difficulty. 

You have a range of possibilities to gain from! Getting a hold of these products allows you to experience premium-grade products. You can enjoy their vape options and can avail yourself of social status among friends and peers if you value the reputation that comes with owning these vape pens. International brands are one-of-a-kind, and if you are a vape enthusiast, these international purchases are not to be missed out on any day! Order your vape pens and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.