The world has known the concept of edge computing from the hardware side but have you ever thought that what does edge computing means in the terms of a software developer standpoint. 

The research was started by Deutsche Telekom (which lasted for three years)and later continued by MobiledgeX shows that cloud gaming, V2X communications, and Industrial IoT are the most viable short-term edge use cases.

Moreover, Edge computing is making the data widely available to the people to make a contribution to help the speed edge, business models. Some of the developers and product manufacturers are strongly hoping that their application or product will make a future sense and can be used in the new MobiledgeX’s Edge navigator research tool.

Some of the other uses of Edge computing includes

  • Manufacturing Analytics.
  • Management of GIS precision positioning.
  • Video surveillance security. 

Let’s take a pause here. I know that I am using too many technical terms like cloud gaming, V2X communication, and Industrial IoT, etc which you might be not getting. Therefore, let us have a discussion about the different sections that we have included our topic.

Edge Computing.

In a simple way, it can be said that edge computing collects the data products by IoT devices and processes the data and brings them closer to their origin rather than sending them away to different data centers or clouds.

This concept helps many companies like manufacturing, healthcare telecommunications, etc to organize and analyze important data in real-time.  

The devices used by the edge computing are constantly consuming data that is coming from the online cloud. As a result, the industries are building content delivery networks. The aim is to decentralize the data for the ease of the end-user.

There are several applications of Edge Computing that are worth mentioning. As the service reduces the volumes of data that is to be moved it provides much-reduced latency and also lowers the transmission cost. 

Cloud Gaming- an overview.

Cloud Gaming can be also called gaming on demand is a member of the online gaming family. The main aim is to provide a smooth and advanced gameplay experience to the gamer or the end-user.

The concept described in a simple way. Suppose you are playing a game on your PC. Now that game will need some hardware and software specifications that your PC stores in a box. In the case of Cloud gaming, this box is situated far away in a server. Therefore, when you log in to your online gaming platform account the server gets activated and follow your gaming movements in a very fast FPS ( frames per second) speed.

Cloud gaming or game in demand can be divided into several categories in terms of online game distribution. Two of the most common methods of clod gaming is through video streaming and file streaming. It uses the user broadband connection, online servers, and encryption to the online streaming of the game.

V2X- What is the concept?

Vehicle to everything communication or widely known as V2X communication is a member of the Vehicular Communication System family. Other members of this family include vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V), vehicle to pedestrian communication (V2P), and vehicle to network communication (V2N)

The world is changing day by day and vehicle technology is also changing with the course of time. Vehicles are becoming automatic. The copious sensors and onboard connectivity has changed the meaning of vehicular technology forever. Now the vehicles are becoming more intelligent and they are now less dependent on human gesture and control.

The main target areas of V2X technology are road safety, traffic efficiency, and energy savings. It can be said that there are two types of V2X technology that has changed the concept of vehicular technology.

  • WLAN-based.
  • Cellular- based.

In the year 2016 Toyota first launched vehicles equipped with V2X technology. Later General Motors (GM) also launched a Cadillac model powered by V2X technology for the only sale in the United States. Both manufacturers used DSRC technology in their cars. 

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

I think that you are quite familiar with the word IoT (Internet of Things). Industrial Internet of Things is basically the use of advanced sensors and devices to boost-up the manufacturing process and production rates in several industries. IIoT uses the data from the dumb machines that are being produced in the industry. It is evident from various research that devices that consist of the concept IIoT works more efficiently and accurately and more swiftly than humans.  

There is a working pattern of IIoT that you should know about. So let’s see how it works.

IIoT is basically a mesh network that consisted of several smart devices that are connected together. This complete system controls, monitor, collect and analyze different data. Every IIoT ecosystem consists of three things:

  • High-end intelligent and advanced devices or micro-devices that can sense, communicate and store information.
  • It has a data communication infrastructure for both the public and private.
  • It provides analytics and applications which generate business information from raw data and people. 

As now you can see how much Industrial Internet of Things area great tool for industrial purposes. So, there are some awesome benefits of IIoT that you should know.

  • IIoT helps the industries to predict maintenance. That by using it you will be able to predict any sorts of defects in your machinery before they happen.
  • It can track all assets. In supply chain suppliers, manufacturers and customers can track the status and condition of products in real-time.
  • Another benefit includes advanced field service. IIoT helps the field technicians to detect customer problems and issues before the issue becomes a major concern.

Some of the real-world applications of IIoT includes smart robotics, ABB, in power and robotics firm. Many more robotic and advanced electronics industries are adopting IIoT as it can increase the efficiency and safety and accuracy.


Now you might be able to realize what we are discussing from the very beginning. Edge Computing is raising a revolution in the Computing world and the digital world. The above topics describe the different attributes in which edge computing is being used.  

I hope that you will get benefitted by the above blog and it has helped you gathering information about Cloud gaming, V2X communications and Industrial IoT’s biggest use cases for edge development.