Before we go on with the topic we should know what exactly is this Infinite loading error. This error is generally faced by gamers. The user may see the loading screen before entering the game. It also appears when the user installs new mods or if the person wants to install a new game. And, if this error appears, the users are unable to play the games. Also in many cases, the user will see that the Skyrim infinite loading screen error reported appears randomly. 

Why does the Skyrim Infinite loading screen appear?

There are many reasons why Skyrim is showing the infinite loading screen error. The reasons are listed below:

  1. It can be because of memory allocation issues when the user is trying to load a game or trying to create a new one. 
  2. Often Windows registers this error and causes issues.
  3. Also, if you have installed plenty of mods. It will increase the stability and will lead the game to misbehave. Hence, you may see the infinite loading screen. 

To solve Skyrim infinite loading screen or to fix all this problem, the instructions are given below.

How can you solve the problem of an Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Fix?

To solve the problem there are some steps that you can follow. The steps are given below. Follow them accurately and fix the problem.

  1. You can change the Memory Allocation to fix the problem

    If you see the Skyrim infinite loading screen, it might be caused due to the shortage of memory. Also, you can set the safety load config file to safyload to work properly. It will allow running all the time and will cause infinite loading screen error. To change the settings follow the steps to initiate the process:

    • First, before you initiate the process make sure that you have installed SKSE. Now, open the file’s safety load.
    • You will see the ‘enableOnlyLoading’ option. And, you need to change the value from false to true.
    • Now, you just need to save the file and then close the file.
    • Finally, see if Skyrim is still showing the error of the infinite loading screen. 
  2. You can also update the Driver to fix the problem

    If your driver is not up-to-date, then this can be one of the reasons that your Skyrim is showing the error of infinite loading screen error. If you are overloaded with work then you can do it automatically with the help of a third-party application. 

    The application in general helps you to recognize your system. It will also help you find the correct driver automatically. You just don’t need to worry about downloading or installing the wrong driver or making any kind of mistake, while installing, when the system is running.

     update the Driver

    This will also help you to update your driver automatically. The following steps will help you to initiate the process:

    • The first thing that you need to do is to download the application and install it.
    • Now, you need to open the application, you will see the scan now button. You need to click the scan now button to go to the next step. 
    • You will then see that the application is scanning your computer and detecting if there is any problem or not. 
    • Now, you will see an Update All option. You need to click it so that it can automatically download and also install the correct version of all the drivers. Further, it will update the driver on your system that is outdated.
  3. Mod can cause the major problem

    One of the problems why your Skyrim is showing infinite loading screen error is because of mod conflicts. Installing mod can create the error. If you have installed mod, then you need to uninstall the mods one by one. After you have done, uninstalling the mod, now play Skyrim and see if it is still causing the problem or not. 

    If you are unable to use the mod, then check the system. All check if the device supports the mod or not. You are also advised not to install multiple mods. Install one mod, and see if it supports the device or not, and then go for the next one. This will resolve the Skyrim se infinite loading screen issue.

  4. To fix the problem edit the preference of Skyrim

    The step is given below that will help you to edit preference and this can also solve the error showing.

    • First, open the File Explorer, you need to open it with win+E.
    • Then, you have to open my document to go to my game option in File Explorer.
    • You will see the Skyrim folder. So, you need to open it.
    • In the folder, you will see a file “skyrim.ini”. You have to right-click on it and choose the Edit option.
    • Now, you will see the notepad and have to edit it. 
    • Make sure that everything is located accurately, and you have to increase the loading time of the Skyrim. 
    • Now, press Ctrl+S so that you can save the file. Finally, try to play Skyrim and check if still, the error is showing or not. 
  5. You need to Reinstall the Skyrim

    If all the above steps fail or won’t work, then you can try this one. This is a very simple and common method that you can use. You just need to uninstall Skyrim, and then again reinstall the Skyrim. You also need to delete the Skyrim folder. You need to follow the given steps:

    •  First, you have to uninstall Skyrim and also with that you need to delete the Skyrim folder.
    • Then, before reinstalling the Skyrim, reboot the computer. 
    • Now, reinstall Skyrim and relaunch the game and see if the Skyrim infinite loading screen problem is solved or not.


So, this was all about Skyrim and the error of showing an infinite loading screen. All the tips to fix this problem are given above, this will help you a lot. Do follow the instructions properly. All the details are given to make it easy for you, so follow the steps and eliminate Skyrim infinite loading screen error.