The entertainment industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. It has been a very long time since the industry has changed this much. The changes that have occurred are so profound that it will take a while to understand what it means for the industry. What is the entertainment industry? The entertainment industry is defined as the “business of entertainment.” It includes all of the businesses and industries that contribute to the entertainment experience. The entertainment industry has evolved to become one of the most important economic sectors in the United States, with a $3 trillion global worth. This is more than the transportation, banking, or technology industries. It is larger than the oil and gas industry, and it is on track to be the largest industry in the world in near future.

People need some kind of relief in times of distress, and in the time that we are living in today, there is a lot of uneasiness and stress found in people. This is only because of the ongoing pandemic, which has affected economies, businesses, and lifestyles. It has put a halt to how we used to live our lives. People have lost their jobs and inflation is on the rise, plus everyone is stuck inside their homes with little to no personal contact with the outside world. This situation has not only created financial problems for people but the case of mental issues has skyrocketed as well. During the pandemic, 4 out of 10 people only in the US reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. In times like these, digital means of entertainment are the only thing that is keeping people occupied and providing them with much-needed relief.

Cable TV and the internet are the only means of entertainment that are keeping people occupied and entertained. Seeing the current situation, internet and TV providers have also drastically reduced the prices of their services so that more people can afford to keep these services. TWC TV is one such service that is offering discounted pricing on cable packages and channel lineups. Apart from standard cable, there are many streaming options available like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max that have a plethora of content that people can watch while sitting in their homes. Even new movies are also being premiered on these platforms since theatres are closed. Viewers can dive into a huge catalog of TV shows, movies, news, comedy and kids channels, family sitcoms, local and international news plus content from all over the world that can now be experienced through these TV subscriptions.

But, with a huge library of content at a user’s disposal, it also becomes a challenge on what to watch, because, to be honest, not everything available on TV is good and with the pandemic, the situation has become even worse, due to limitations on productions and a race to quickly release things in order to stay ahead. In times like these, there is a lot of mediocrity as well on the entertainment end. For you to make a better choice on what to watch, we have compiled a list of new and old shows that are quite popular today and are watched by millions of people.

Squid Game (Netflix)

You might have heard about Squid Game by now. It is currently the most raved-about show in the world. Squid Game is well on its way to becoming the most-watched Netflix Original series to date since it’s been all over the news and social media. The story is based upon a group of people struggling with financial debt who are given a chance to clear their debt in return for playing a game in which if they lose they die. It’s an accurate depiction of today’s society and cutthroat competition of current times, a social commentary on classes and the drastic difference between rich and poor. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, friendship, love, and betrayal, and how a human can go to such lows just for money, packed with gore and a lot of violent works which are like icing on the cake. Be sure to check this one out and experience brilliant storytelling straight out of South Korea.

The Boys (Amazon Prime)

In times when everyone is amazed by the heroics of superheroes from Marvel and DC, there comes The Boys. A daring step by Amazon Prime to show that no one is completely pure from the inside, even superheroes. This show depicts the human side of superheroes that we are never shown in DC or Marvel films. An accurate depiction of how power and greed can corrupt everyone, even these fictional characters, and how a group of normal humans takes a stand to put a stop to this injustice done by superheroes. It is portrayed in a style of ‘God vs Man’ while being a social commentary on the inhumanity of those who hold power in the world, shown in a fictional style. With all the cast having questionable morales combined with tons of gore, humor, and action-packed sequences, The Boys is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s surely a hell of a fun ride for fans of action and superheroes flick. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

Chernobyl (HBO)

Chernobyl is a five-part miniseries that originally aired on HBO back in 2019 but is now available to stream on HBO Max. It depicts the real-life event of the disaster that struck at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 in the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. It is still considered the worst nuclear tragedy after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski. The show is a well-researched series that depicts why such a disaster occurred, the human error involved, and the efforts of the USSR to cover up the situation. It’s a carefully crafted political thriller, with a brilliant narrative and tremendous performance of the cast has made Chernobyl one of the most acclaimed miniseries in recent years. Experience one of the biggest historical disasters, which was made worse by the response of the government. Catch it on HBO Max.


The internet has created a revolution in the film and entertainment industry. There is a humongous amount of content now available at a user’s fingertips. It has also allowed independent creators with little budgets to show their craft. However, due to so much content available on the internet in terms of viewing, a regular viewer might get confused and since everyone is free to post anything on the internet, there is a lot of mediocrity and bad content present on cyberspace as well. The above list is created by our sole independent reviews on how we felt viewing these shows. These might be a good start if you’re looking to binge-watch to ward off the quarantine boredom.