Hulu is a popular video streaming subscription-based app that is used by various users all around the world. If you are using the Hulu services and facing the problem of “Hulu keeps buffering”, then it is not always due to poor internet connection. Sometimes, the problem can be with the device itself. 

Many problems can occur on Hulu due to its way of managing the streaming videos. Its services are purely based on high-speed internet. This allows the smooth streaming of the videos. The minimum requirement of the download speed for HD videos is 3Mbps. 

Hence, if you are facing this problem, you can boost the speed of download by changing the device or the Network Settings.

Probable Solutions to Get Rid of Hulu keeps Buffering Issues:

So, let us see, what are the methods by which you can fix the problem of “Hulu keeps buffering” on your device. 

Method 1. Close the Hulu Application Completely

When you are facing the problem of “Hulu keeps freezing”, you need to completely exit from the Hulu application. After that, reopen the Hulu application and see if this problem is still there or has been fixed. If the problem is still there, move on to the next solution.

Method 2. Check Other Programs or Applications on the device you are using

When you are facing this Hulu buffering issue, it may be due to a slow internet connection. You can check if your other applications are having a problem with the internet connection. If Yes, then you can contact your internet provider and ask them to fix the problem with the internet connection. 

Method 3. Check Whether Hulu is Down

It might also happen that you are facing the problem simply because the services of Hulu in your area are down. In that case, you can go to the official page of their social media account and check if they have made any official comment on the issue. 

In the case of this particular problem, you have to wait until Hulu resolves the problem. 

Method 4. Keep your Hulu Device and Browser Up-to-date

The reason for the Hulu lagging problem may be due to the fact that the Hulu app or the browser that you are using is not updated. If you are using the Hulu app on your mobile, you can simply go to the Play Store to check if any update is available for the Hulu application as well as the browser.

In the case of a computer, the browser will notify if any update is available. And, you can go to the official site of Hulu to check for any new updates. If any update is available, click on the download option, and the update will be downloaded. After that, check if the Hulu lagging problem still persists or not. 

Method 5. Move the Router or Modem Closer to the Device

If the device where you are watching your Hulu shows is very far away from the router or the modem, then the problem of Hulu keeps loading can occur. The distance will not allow the device to catch the internet signal properly. Hence, the connection will become weak and then you will not be able to stream the videos properly.  

To solve this problem, you just have to reduce the distance between the device and the router or the modem. However, if the router or modem is in another room, then you have to ensure that there are no more than 1 or 2 walls in between the device and the router.  

Method 6. Clear the Cache of the Hulu App

The cache is the temporary memory of the app, and it stores and fills up the memory if not cleared regularly. You can follow the given steps for clearing the cache for the different devices:-

I. For Streaming Boxes and Smart TVs 

For that, at first, you have to enter the Settings option of the device. After that, you have to click on the option for Managing applications. Now, you have to look for the option to Clear the cache of the app. However, if you are unable to find this app, you can uninstall the app and then reinstall it again. After the completion of this process, your cache will be cleared and the Hulu buffering issues will get solved. 

II. PlayStation 4

When you are using a PS4, first, you have to go to the Home screen. After that, you have to enter the “Storage” option. Then, you have to enter “System Storage”. Next, you have to select the Hulu app and then click on the “Options” buttons. Now, click on the “Delete” option. After this process, the problem of Hulu keeps buffering will get resolved. 

III. Xbox One

If you are facing this Hulu buffering problem on Xbox One, then at first, you have to go to the Home screen. Then, you have to click on the “My Games and Apps’ option. After that, click on the ‘Apps’. Now, within this option, you have to highlight Hulu. 

Next, click on the three horizontal line option. After that, you have to select the “Uninstall” option. Lastly, you have to download the Hulu application again from the Store. 

IV. Nintendo Switch

If you are facing this problem of Hulu keeps freezing on your Nintendo Switch, you have to select the option of “System Settings”. Then, you have to choose the “Manage Software” option. Now, from within the option, you have to select the “Delete Software” option. After you have successfully deleted the Hulu application, you have to go to the Nintendo eShop and install Hulu once again.   


I hope that you are able to solve your Hulu keeps buffering problem from the above-discussed solutions. This is not a very difficult problem and the solutions are not that difficult to carry out. So, you can go for the solution as per your preference and solve your Hulu buffering problem so that you can start enjoying Hulu once again.