Digital Marketing is a fast-growing market today. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the changing forces of the digital market. Until now, these two aspects did not have much of a relevance. But in recent days we are hearing a lot of buzz regarding these two platforms. The blockchain technology is a list of records called block cryptocurrencies utilize to link with other systems. This can cause an underlying damage to the entire industry with a set of trust among the systems, linkage of the web with a good amount of information.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine encrypted intelligence which is different than what the humans do. It is basically a set of smart agents which work accordingly by detecting the surrounding for better results. Imitating the cognitive functions like problem-solving, learning new things etc, just like the human mind.

Dynamics of Blockchain

To understand what Blockchain is and why it is the next big thing, let us take a look at the utility of this technology.

  • Basically, it is a see-through database which helps to keep a record of information and data that no one can access or change. Be it an organization or an individual.
  • Brand safety is something every e-commerce website is very careful about. Here, the trust issue comes into action. The company’s advertising costs a lot of money. To build the trust also takes time. Hence, an effort to maintain the data on the web is a necessary pre-condition.
  • There are systems like Ad-chain and Meta X designed to get through the brand safety issues. These are systems which help to bring back the trust to secure them from entering into the set of disputed content. Also, assured publishers offer the backup.
  • Google is not lagging behind, it is also developing a whitelist ad filter to ensure security. But, there is a glitch here.  Google is a central or mean base, can pose threat to the advertisers. In what way? Companies have to abide by Google’s policies and understanding.
  • Blockchain solutions open ways for unblocked sharing.
  • Another important place where consumers are losing on trust is the monetary sector online. The increasing rate of fraudulent activities has reached its peak. Checking on security is a booming concern for the industry now. The lapse on the accountability factor by the ad-companies is frustrating the customers now.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

The blockchain is the conclusive system to solve the frustration by amending the security services, satisfying customer by properly attending their roles for the website and finally, respecting their private data.

Replacing Human Minds – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Coming to Artificial Intelligence (AI),  firstly, we can see the huge impression it creates on digital marketing. To begin with, the kind of help it is giving to the humans is tremendous. Earlier, to program an advertising it took a lot of time for automating, now AI does it in seconds.
  • Secondly, it has taken the place of human minds as it is responsible for even deciding the effective mode of advertising. For example- choosing the right customer or consumer for the sales of the product, determining the kind of contents required, continuous check on the kind of audience with respect to actual web search outcome.
  • Thirdly, AI is increasingly marching ahead with intensive advertising campaigns and making. Certain campaigns cannot be handled by humans, hence AI comes to the rescue in today’s date.
  • Fourth, a huge requirement for campaigns come up and hence we all know what to do now.

Automatic services are good to go but only to some extent. Otherwise, a time will come human minds will stop working and will no more be creative.

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