Artificial Intelligence is making its mark everywhere. Every large company is using artificial intelligence to ease their work. Now, even homes will use AI. Parisian startup company Snips is making way to the personal platform.

Since 2013, Snips is trying to bring in Artificial Assistance to the doorstep. It is a startup company currently located in Paris and New York. The active team of people work day and night to improve the feature of voice technology. This company will conduct an ICO in the months to come. Currently, they are working on improving the Snips Voice Assistance.

The question that arises in most people’s mind is that how far it is better than already popular Alexa or Cortana? Well, the makers of Snips promise better performance and higher protection rates as compared to the known names Siri and Google Assistant. Snips is expected to release in 2019.

Need for Artificial Intelligence for Smart Homes?

With the advancement of technology, smart homes with more benefits are a reality. People in Japan are already living in Smart homes. Intelligent homes are equipped with all the requirements, and you can access it through remote or touch of the phone. On that note, smart speakers are necessary.

But there are problems as well. Privacy and security are the primary concerns for the people. Google Home Mini was in question when it was making recordings even when Google Assistant was not summoned.

Artificial Intelligence

In addition to that, smart speakers need internet for their working. Constant use of internet means phishing activity can take place. Alexa or Cortana can access passwords and scan through confidential information., This is more helpful since it is a threat to privacy.

Advanced Voice Assistance by Snips

Snips AIR will have decentralized machinery. It will primarily focus on privacy in the voice platform. It will process data on device barring the use of data storage in the cloud. This step will ensure safety to personal documents in smart homes. The company is already challenging power tools Amazon Echo and Google home services. They feel Snips can address more issue than Google can.

Snips want to address these fallout. It will utilize the AIR Network blockchain and edge technology. This will create decentralization in which users can control their data. The technology will allow data processing locally. Hence, no data will be sent to the cloud. Rand Hindi, CEO, and co-founder at Snips states that the features of Snips will offer a better alternative to the privacy of families.

Upcoming Advanced Features of Artificial Intelligence

Since the voice assistant will run locally, dependence on Cloud network will reduce. Furthermore, any gadget manufacturer will be able to process AIRnet protocol. AIR protocol will use a standard open source to communicate with other protocols. This will form a network base consisting of ontology and network abstraction.

Snips Artificial Intelligence will become a multi-functioning unit in coming few years. It will have inbuilt apps like calendars, weather, date and time functioning. It will work keeping home automation in mind. Developers will get access to Snips Skill Store where they can create new applications. Snips Skill Store will be a decentralized platform where startups can publish their apps, and it will run on a specific blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence For Smart Homes

The token related marketplace can use tokens to ensure safe and decentralized transactions between the consumers and developers. This will be an anonymous transaction. It will protect the interests of the users’  more.

Besides that, the AIR platform of Snips is working on other machine concepts namely  AIR Base and AIR Satellite. AIR Satellite, on the other hand, will be a portable microphone with intelligent detection which will reduce the cost of faulty wires.

You Can Look Forward to…

Voice Assistant services are making way in people’s homes with their pocket-friendly, portable devices. All you need is a strong connectivity and you are good to go. You might find some issues in the beginning but overall it is accessible. The technical biggies are improving the services to bring the world closer to the users. What needs our attention is the changing way of interaction. Now voice assistants are replacing the human touch.

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