Coronavirus spread through the Air Conditioner

Dubai being within the hot and humid climatic zone makes the use of Air Condition (AC) a basic necessity. To prevent the unbearable heat, people try to keep their AC functional around the clock. Now the question arises, can the air conditioner spread germs? 

This concern has become even more than prevailing, owing to the widespread coronavirus. So, is it safe to use the AC in this situation? Can the AC pull in the deadly virus inside your room? Will AC repair Dubai prove to be helpful in sorting the issue?

Today, we are going to answer that. We went through a detailed analysis about various probability as well as possibilities about COVID-19 spread through an AC. So, it’s time to face the truth now.

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The Real Concern about AC

In this pandemic situation, people are talking about whether the virus can transmit through AC or not. But, there is no recorded evidence regarding this matter. That is why based on our analysis reports, we can impart advice and i.e. to maintain distance from one another. 

But, this does not mean you are going to neglect your AC. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure. The presence of an AC in any particular room or hall makes it highly important to improve the ventilation path and keep it well-maintained for air circulation. And, there is nothing better than to seek professional help from We Fix Dubai, who are willing to help you even in this pandemic situation maintaining all the precautions. They can assist you with a flexible AC maintenance service in Dubai.

What Experts have to Say?

Experts of various medical institutions have suggested that the spread of Coronavirus through an AC has been reported by one single individual but there is no validation about it. Grocery stores and medical shops also have AC installed but no such reports came from there. 

Adjacently, the experts say that there is no harm in using an AC in your home. For security purposes, you can use disinfection and sanitization services at your home. 

How AC Manufacturing is Modifying? 

The AC industry has taken an important step to upgrade the production of all Air Conditioners. The recently manufactured AC has a more advanced air filter for better air circulation than before. This step will also help the AC to regulate the correct amount of airflow in a particular place. 

Now, your job does not end here, you need to keep your present or newly bought AC in a well-maintained condition. And, this is where professionals from We Fix Dubai can help you with an upgraded service or fix major to minor problems including repairing the air filters in your AC, control the direction of AC airflow, clean the AC and many more.

Why Rely on We Fix Dubai?

Do you need AC maintenance Dubai services? Are you worried about the quality and professionalism? Then, We Fix Dubai can be your ideal deal. They have a huge reputation in Dubai for serving every variant of AC.

  • They can help you operate your home AC between a certain degree so that the humidity can remain 40 to 70%. Make sure that the percentage of humidity must be greater than your room temperature. Always keep your room’s doors and windows a little bit open for better ventilation. 
  • If your home or office has a central air conditioner, then they can help you with that as well. This is also applicable to a mall, hospitals, and other commercial areas. In this case, they can provide proper outdoor facilities as well as a good ventilation system. 
  • In industrial facilities, along with good ventilation, 70% to 80% fresh air is required. They will help to maintain positive air pressure. The experts help to disinfect the water with a certain ionization as well as a chemical process. 


Apart from all these, be it in your home or office, you must make way for the outdoor air for good air circulation. If you face any kind of problem, always feel free to contact the professional team. You will surely deserve to live in a hygienic and immaculate environment.