Multitasking and multiprogramming are some of the most excellent features of a computer. Let’s say you are playing a game and also updating the OS in the background. But, once in a while, you witness a blue screen. As per the experts, most of the users have reported that when they are working on their computer and downloading the updates in the background, driver IRQL not less or equal error takes place. Obviously, there are reasons behind that. Driver compatibility issues, duplicate driver installation, faults in system hardware, automatic disk fragmentation, issues in the registry and many more. These issues might lead to permanent data loss.

Best Troubleshoot To Fix Driver IRQL not less or equal Error

  1. Repair the Fragmented Disk and System Registry

    Enter into the Safe mode to get access to the Troubleshoot option. Now, open Command Prompt and type: 

    dir C:\Win* and hit Enter;

    dir D:\Win* and hit Enter;

    dir E:\Win* and hit Enter;

    Once again, you have to type some more commands that are given below:

    cd /d C:\windows\System32\config+ hit Enter;

    xcopy *.* C:\RegBack\+ hit Enter;

    cd RegBack + hit Enter;

    dir + hit Enter;

    copy /y software.

    copy /y system.

    copy /y sam.

    Now, click Yes and restart your computer. In doing so, the disk fragmentation will be eliminated, as well as it will also clear the system registry. Thus, the driver IRQL not less or equal error will not take place in the near future. 

  2. Rollback the Drivers

    It’s very much ethical to download and install the new drivers for your system. The latest version of drivers will not let the system encounter any type of errors. But, what if the latest drivers contain bugs? Bugs are nothing but errors in the coding. Those errors don’t match the system compatibility codings and thus various system malfunctions take place. 

    The Device Manager which is located in the Control Panel is the path for rolling back the drivers to their previous version. It is just like going back in time and fixing things. Just click on the Rollback Driver button and finish the task. The previous drivers might be outdated but will not result in driver IRQL not less or equal error. 

  3. The Diagnosis of Hardware

    Hardware diagnosis actually means testing all the hardware components with the help of some specific tools. Typing ‘Memory Diagnostic’ in the search bar will take you to the diagnosis interface. After initiating the process, the program will scan for any type of memory issues. Then, the diagnosis of all the other hardware components will take place. 

    Faulty hardware can also lead to the driver IRQL not less or equal blue screen issues in your computer. After finishing the diagnosis, study the results carefully. Locate the faulty hardware and opt for the replacement with the new one. If there are faults in the motherboard, contact the tech experts as soon as possible. 

  4. Replace all the Drivers

    There is a high possibility that the driver IRQL not less or equal issue is occurring because of the corrupted drivers. Uninstalling all the drivers one at a time is a bit hectic, so update the OS. Visit the Settings and run Windows Update. This process will download all the latest drivers. After the download is complete, restart the computer to install the updates. 

  5. Turn off Memory Caching Function

    The cache memory is the most expensive part of a computer. It generally helps the BIOS to get activated at the system startup. As per the tech experts, the function of the cache memory might restrict the computer to perform multitasking, sometimes. So, the driver IRQL not less or equal blue screen error pops up. 

    Therefore, disabling the memory caching feature is worth a try. Restart the computer, and keep pressing the F2 key from the keyboard. The BIOS will appear, now disable the feature and exit the BIOS. 

  6. The System Restore

    Rolling back the system to its previous system interface has a higher chance to eliminate the driver IRQL not less or equal blue screen. Here, you have to attempt a shortcut to reach the Restoration interface. Just open the search box and find out the system restore setup file by typing ‘rstrui.exe’. 

    Click on OK, so that the Restore window opens. The on-screen instructions will help you to complete the restore process. The system will delete all the newly installed files. Restart your computer as the blue screen error will be gone, permanently. 

  7. Scan to Remove Virus

    Malware can drastically affect your system. That is why you need to scan your computer with good security software. If your system comes with built-in anti-virus, then just update all the virus definitions to its latest version. After that, scan your system to remove all the malware. 

  8. Format your Computer

    The last and final step to removing the driver IRQL not less or equal blue screen is to format your entire system. Most people just format the system drive and reinstall the OS. They are not at all aware that the driver IRQL not less or equal blue screen problem occurs due to the data or any type of storage device congestion. 

    After preparing the bootable storage device, perform the correct system formatting functions. Then, you will reach a certain step where you need to format all the drives present. So, format them one by one, select the C drive and proceed till the end. 

More Information 

A computer can perform multiple functions at a time. But when you are running more than one program at the same time, then you must not overload the volatile memory. Before that, you have to know your system’s specifications. It’s better to avoid running any heavy tasks running in the background while playing games or copying a large file. 

Never let any malware enter your system. Try not to open any unsecured website without any expert’s recommendation. A VPN connection while using a LAN will give you more security than connecting your system directly to the internet. On the other hand, if too many devices are connected to the system, unplug the unnecessary ones.