Netflix is one of the most popular streaming media available nowadays. However, streaming Netflix is seamless from anywhere you access it, whether on Google Chrome or Windows or Mac or Linux. But sometimes some users get the error code M7703-1003 and thus fail to stream the Netflix application seamlessly.

If you encounter this error, then you need to fix it as soon as possible. Here, enough solutions have been discussed on how to fix Netflix error M7703-1003. But before applying them, at first,  you should know why this error occurs.

Causes of Netflix Error M7703-1003:

Typically this error code pops up due to many reasons. However, it mostly occurs on Windows and Linux. The error code M7703-1003 pop-ups due to the following reasons:

  • There might be some bad modules or the profile of Google Chrome is corrupted. 
  • Widevine Extention on Google Chrome that enables the Chrome to play HTML 5 audio and video protected by DRM. This extension sometimes causes error.

Probable Solutions to Overcome Netflix Error M7703-1003:

Now by far, you must have known about the causes which lead to the error code M7703-1003, let’s take a look at the solutions. 

Solution 1: Clear Chrome Caches

Chrome stores most of the data or information from different websites even when you visit Netflix. With more and more information about a single website, Chrome can contradict with the previous information and the site can stop responding. 

Thus, Chrome displays error code M7703-1003. In order to prevent this, you need to clear your browsing data and information. To do so, follow the instructions listed hereunder.

For Windows

  • On your computer, open the Chrome Browser.
  • Now, click on the More at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the More Tools and then click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • After that, select the Time Range and check for the Cookies and other sites data and Cached Images and Files
  • Lastly, click on Clear Data.

For Ubuntu

  • Open any Terminal window
  • Then type the command below. It will prompt you for a password from the administrator. 

            “sudo rm -r ~/.config/google-chrome”

  • Now, reboot your device.

Solution 2: Change the Browser Profile

If the above method did not work, then you can simply change the profile of the browser or you can switch to another profile and check if the error still persists or not. Go through the instructions listed below.

For Windows

Before you start the process, make sure that the current setting of your browser is saved to your Gmail account.

  • Firstly click on the profile icon, which is on the top right corner of the browser.
  • Then click on Manage People.
  • Click on Add Person and then add the login credentials.
  • After that, go to the Menu and then go to Settings
  • From there, click on the Turn-Off option and this will disable the sync.
  • Now, login to your New profile and then restart Chrome.

Now open Netflix and enjoy it.

For Ubuntu

  • Open any Terminal window
  • Then type the command below and it will prompt you for a password from the administrator. 

            “cd ~/.config/google-chrome/”

            “mv Default Default-bkp”

  • Now, reboot your device.

Solution 3: Restore the Chrome Browser’s Settings

If clearing the cache and the changing profile does not work, you can then simply put Chrome as your default browser or reset the browser’s settings. However, if you do so, the bookmarks or the passwords will not be deleted.

  • Launch the Chrome browser
  • Now, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Scroll and then select the Advanced option.
  • Then select Restore Settings to their Original Defaults
  • Further, click on Reset Settings.

Solution 4: Update the Widevine

Google Chrome has an extension for the digital right management component called Widevine. The widevine is used to encrypt and secure the distribution of licenses. Netflix relies on widevine for this. So, if the widevine is malfunctioned or outdated, then this error might occur. Fix it by following the listed below methods.

  • Type chrome://components/ on the Chrome address bar.
  • Now scroll down to close the bottom of the page and find the Windvine Content Decryption Module.
  • Click on the Check for Update.
  • Lastly, restart your browser.

 Wrapping Up

You can attempt any of the steps to solve Netflix error M7703-1003. But before you start, make sure that you have saved or have taken a backup of the browsing account details and also ensure that you have a very good internet connection. We hope that now the error is fixed and you are free to stream seamlessly.