A credit card generator is a tool that allows making a random credit card number. You can use this card number to handle online sites like Netflix or different games. You can have access to any site that requires your card details.

Sometimes you are not comfortable sharing your original credit card details to a company you are not well aware of, even at places you feel protective but still don’t want to share, this is where the card generator will serve you. This will only help you if you are not supposed to pay anywhere.

These cards are not considered illegal. They are safe to use. You can utilize the number of forged credit cards for multiple purposes. One of the biggest platforms where credit card generator is of high importance is online games. This tool provides you error-free results.

All card companies have different number prefixes. The tool will give you an option either to enter the prefix of a specific company or directly select the company. You can see some of them in the table mentioned below:

The first column shows the issuing network, the second shows IIN/BIN ranges while the last column is providing you the length.

Discover Card 6011, 622126 – 622925, 624000 – 626999, 628200 – 628899, 64, 65 16 – 19
UkrCard 6040, 6041 16
Sunday 60, 6521, 6522 16
InterPayment 636 16 – 19
InstaPayment 637 – 639 16
JCB 3528 – 3589 16 – 19
Laser 6304, 6706, 6771, 6709 16 – 19
Maestro (UK) 6759, 676770, 676774 12 – 19
Maestro 50, 56 – 69 12 – 19
Dankort 5019 16
4571 (Visa co-branded) 16
MIR 2200 – 2204 16
NPS Pridnestrovie 6054740 – 6054744 16
MasterCard 2221 – 2720 16
51 – 55 16
Solo 6334, 6767 16, 18, 19
Switch 4903, 4905, 4911, 4936, 564182, 633110, 6333, 6759 16, 18, 19
Troy 979200 – 979289 16
Visa 4 (include partner brands: Dankort, Electron, etc.) 16
UATP 1 15
Verve 506099 – 506198, 650002 – 650027 16, 19
LankaPay 357111 16

One thing you should remember while generating a credit card that you cannot purchase anything through it. These credit cards are not related to real balances in banks. Credit cards made through these tools have numbers created by a mathematical process that can be helpful for premium game trials.

How does this credit card generator work?

The credit card code is the other name for the credit card generator. It is very fascinating for people who want to experiment with it credit card number without using a real one. These generators provide you unique numbers with anonymous details. The structure of these credit cards is similar to actual card numbers. It would be recommended to use for online game trials or some random subscriptions.

Credit Card generator utilizes advanced programming language to make a number of certain lengths after searching for a sequence online. This all process is done by applying particular mathematical rules. This software use Luhn Algorithm for card creation. Whenever the CC generator will not follow all algorithm rules it will automatically remove the number. All these tools are efficient enough to create card numbers for VISA, MasterCard, etc, within seconds.

Credit card generator types:

There are two types of card generators:

  • Single credit card generator
  • Bulk credit card generator

Single credit card generator:

As clear by its name a single credit card generator can only create a single card number at one time. If you want to get more numbers it will ask you to do the process over and over again. People who require only one number at a time can use a single cc generator.

Single credit card generator

The above-mentioned picture is an example of a Single credit card generator as it gives you only one outcome with a single card number.

Bulk Credit Card generator:

Just with one click, you can have many credit card numbers through a bulk cc generator. It is time-saving because you don’t have to do entry many times. You need to select the figure for how many card numbers you need and just have to click the button.

bulk credit card generator

In the above picture, you can see the No.of cards option. You can enter the figure of how many card numbers you required. Here are 4, so the cc generator will create 4 card numbers at one time.

card details

Characteristics of credit card generators:

Generating CVV:

It is a code based on 3 digits at the backside of your card. It is a security code. Cc generator can generate CVV for you easily.

Testing software:

A very important trait of the cc generator is to test or check the card payments. With this tool, you can ensure that your website correctly handles credit card information. It is not an easy task and also it takes time.

Create cards based on countries:

You can select any country while generating a credit card through this tool. It will provide you country-based card numbers.

Generate expiry date:

The Cc generator also creates an expiry date, which is a vital part of the credit card. This expiry date has to do much with the validation of the card.

Helps save your money:

Many websites online ask you to verify the identity by providing them details. This is not going to work. You can be robbed of any kind of scam that can happen to you. To put in your card details at many places for verification you can get a valid card number through the cc generator. Your all other details will be safe.

What is CVV?

CVV is a card verification code. This is also called the security code present behind the credit card. The purpose of this code is to avoid the use of fake credit cards. Don’t ever mix this code with any other.

How does this Credit Card generator work?

There are multiple options available for you online. Many of them are quite similar in working and some of them are little different.

How to generate credit card numbers?

Open your browser and visit Prepostseo credit-card-generator

After the site is opened you will see a box with multiple options to select your particular requirements. Like card brand, Exp month, Exp year, CVV, and quantity.

The next step is to press the Generate button. And you will get your desired results as shown under.