There is password protection software on every computer which helps in protecting the password of the users. True Key is one of that software. It uses the AES-256 for scrambling the password. This AES-256 is the strongest amongst all other algorithms. It was first introduced by McAfee and then, Intel bought it. They ensured that the decryption can only be done by the users and then access their information.

However, some users find this software intrusive, and hence they might want this Intel Security True Key. Also, many users have this question that how did true key get on my computer? If you are looking for procedures to uninstall the true key, then this is the right place you have come to. Here, we will be discussing different methods by which you can uninstall this Intel Security True Key. 

Effective Procedures to Uninstall True Key:

So, let us see some of the simplest and effective methods for removing the Intel Security True Key or how to remove True key:-

Procedure 1: Using Programs and Features to Uninstall True Key

This is one of the easiest methods to remove True Key from your computer. Some users may have a problem locating True Key within the list of Programs and Features. This is difficult to find because the name of the software is one that no one can locate at once. The name does not even contain the word “True Key”.

First of all, you have to write a “control panel” in the search box and click the Control Panel option from the result. Then, you have to locate the option of “Program and Features” and click on it. However, if you are unable to find the “Program and Features” option, then you have to click on the “Programs” options. 

After that, you have to locate the “Intel Security True Key” option. Then select this option and click on “Uninstall/Change”. Next, you have to click on the “Remove” option and this will uninstall the program from the Windows. 

If you are unable to find any entry on the list by the name of “Intel Security True Key”, then you can try to look for McAfee Security Scan Plus or McAfee LiveSafe. You can uninstall this entry and your job will be done. When you try to uninstall this option, you will be asked if you want to uninstall True Key or McAfee LiveSafe, then you have to select True Key.

Procedure 2: Using Apps for Uninstalling Intel Security True Key

Another method to uninstall True key is from the App list on your computer. This will be located in the ‘Settings’ option on your Windows. Within the “App” option, you have to locate the `True Key”. After that, you have to select it and click on the “Uninstall” button. This will successfully uninstall true key from your computer. 

Procedure 3: Uninstall Intel Security True Key with the help of Uninstall.exe file

You can also uninstall true key with the help of its uninstall.exe file. This file will be located in the C drive of your computer. Within the C drive, you have to enter the file of “Program Files”. After that, locate the folder of “Intel Security ”. Within this folder, the True Key folder will be located. Now, open the True Key folder and double click on the Unistall.exe file. This will start the process of uninstalling the software.

There is another way by which you can go to this Unistall.exe file. For that, you have to go to the shortcut key on your desktop and right-click on the icon. From the menu, you have to select the “Open file location” option. Now, the file containing the Uninstall.exe file will open and then you can carry on with the uninstallation process as before. 

Procedure 4: Uninstall Intel Security True Key with the help of CCleaner

In the computers that are running on Windows, CCleaner helps to clean the issues and junk that has been accumulated over a long period of time. It helps in keeping your privacy intact, clear the temporary files and the browser history.

To start the uninstalling of Intel security True Key, first, you have to open the CCleaner. After that, you have to select “Tools” options. You will find this on the left pane of the CCleaner window. Then, you have to enter the “Uninstall” section. Here, you have to locate the “True Key” option. If the option of “True Key” is not available, then try to find “McAfee Security Scan Plus” or “McAfee LiveSafe”.

After that, you have to select the name of the software and then click on the “Uninstall” option. You will be able to find this option on the top-right corner of the window. Additionally, for removing the “True Key” from the list of programs, you have to select the option of “Delete”. 

After that, restart your computer and the change will come into effect. The Intel Security True Key will be deleted from your PC.     

True Key Updater: Intel Security True Key

However, if you are willing to keep the True Key software on your computer, then you must have the True key updater to keep this software up to date. The latest version of this software is the version  

How you can Remove True Key Virus?

This is not exactly a virus rather a very annoying malware or adware. It forces the web browser you are using to show notifications, redirects, ads, and pop-ups. Since the True Key virus is not a virus, it cannot do you any harm to your computer. However, it opens your computer to many advertisements that are unsafe. These advertisements sometimes work as very dangerous viruses. 

How to protect your Computer against the True Key Virus? 

The simplest and most effective way of protecting your computer against True Key virus is to use antivirus softwares. For Windows users, if you do not want to use any third-party software, Windows Defender will work just fine.

Scan your computer with this antivirus software and you can rest assured that all the malicious files will be removed from your computer. The process may take some time. 

How can you avoid the True Key Virus?

After you have removed all the malicious files, there is always a chance that you can get affected again. So, by following the given steps, you will be able to prevent yourself from getting affected again:- 

1. Keep your antivirus software updated

Whatever antivirus software you are using, you must always keep it updated. Every day new definitions for the virus are being released. With regular updates, your computer will keep updated about these definitions. This will help your computer to recognize any new threats. 

2. Don’t install programs that you are unaware of

Whenever you are planning to install some software, you must always confirm its sources. For any well-reputed software site, you can have trust in them. However, if you come across some new site and you do not have any prior knowledge about it, it is better to avoid them. Also, when you are downloading any software, you must always read the terms and conditions page carefully. You must never click Yes blindly. 

3. Always use sites that are well-known

When you are browsing the web, you must always access well-known sites for information. Also if you click on any link without knowing, you may open your computer to various threats. Further, you must avoid any torrenting sites.  


I hope that from the above discussions, you are able to understand the procedure on “how to uninstall true key?”. Intel Security True Key is a great software for password protection, but at the same time, it opens your computer to many risks. Hence, by comparing its advantages and disadvantages, it is seen that it is better to uninstall it from your computer. 

However, in case you want to keep it on your computer, you must take the proper measures to stay protected against potent threats.