Technology is a process of continuous evolution. And IT sector isn’t untouched as well. It keeps changing constantly but has rarely witnessed a tectonic shift.

This sector has seen the birth and extinction of many technologies. But Microsoft’s .NET framework has been around for a long time almost 38 years. It came into existence in the 1990s and was among the first of its kind and is relevant even today.

In 2015, the Insight Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum read that .NET will become the  Internet of Everything and will not just be the IoT. We are sure to see many changes by 2020, but I am sure some things are going to be the same .NET Application Development Services are going to stay in demand for a long time now.

Why will .NET rule?

Be it the .NET Application Development Dubai or any other part of the world, the demand for this technology has seen a hike. And there are reasons for that.

Azure and .NET are Companions

Things are drastically shifting to the clouds. Azure has become the love of the businesses that are based on the platforms of Microsoft. But what makes it all the more indispensable for them is the remarkable blend of the products of .NET  on Azure.

Any CIO who is competitive and future-focused can notice the effortless partnership of .NET and Azure. Also, .NET enhances  C# programming languages and Visual basic, making the asynchronous handling of the tasks easier.

.NET Makes Interoperability Easier

In March this year, Microsoft released two editions of Windows 10 IoT. The company announced that these editions would help the developers in efficiently and smoothly building various applications for the devices connected by IoT.

With software built on .NET, interoperability has become safer and simpler to implement. The open source Software Development Kit from Azure IoT suite provides the flexibility of open source. It also offers an incredible development speed and advanced security features.  


.NET Solutions for Mobile Development

Previously it was a struggle to develop the mobile apps based on .NET. But now, things have changed. The technology of .NET has become versatile, more than before.

Also, developing a mobile app based on .NET is a perfect way for any business to reach to a broad user base. And they provide rich user experiences through a single device.

For Example, .NET can easily incorporate Telerik UI for the vital features like drag-and-drop for an enhanced experience for the user.

.NET Guarantees Safety

If you want the proof of the airtight security .NET provides, you must know that the website of  Passport Seva is built using this technology. .NET, with its high-security feature, comforts the CIOs who are distraught due to increased data breaches and cyber attacks.

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture of this technology has a System on Chip or SoC approach. This approach makes developing the scalable apps incredibly easy along with safely integrating it with the existing applications of your business.

The diversity and versatility of .NET make it enormously appealing to the enterprises. It can be used in a wide array of industries varying from education to finance and transport.

Rounding It Up

In short, there are a few reasons why .NET will rule the future of the business technology. It is scalable and grants speed. You can’t argue about the time benefits and the cost of the websites and apps built on this technology.

Also, the shopping carts payment gateways will die if there are loopholes. This technology easily identifies and plugs in the loopholes making everything secure.

And, .NET is optimized for different platforms. With it, any business can reach to a programming model that is consistent and are capable of keeping up with the rapid changes in today’s world.  

These qualities make .NET a sure leader of the business technologies in the near future. It is indeed going to be the Internet of Everything.