Today, a significant buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence) is that the businessmen believe that this technology is a bit too advanced and technical to use it for their business purposes. Though, that is not true.

Various ways AI is used today

AI tools assist you to make decisions based on the collected data. These tools have a really good user-friendly interface which lets the non-technical people use the AI for real projects and returns meaningful results.


Following are the tasks that are performed by the AI tools. These tools all have some common features. While they have the ability to assist you to work with the irregular data, AI is also used for many purposes. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Speech to text. Text to speech.
  • Enhancing and filtering of a photo.
  • Recommendation search engine.
  • Natural classification and processing of language.
  • Visual recognization. Such as face recognition and video indexing.
  • Moderating subjective content.
  • Automatic flow of work.
  • Finding & matching pattern.
  • Translation of language.

The above-mentioned tasks can be utilized in a range of business problems and the processes. Here are the top 5 AI Cloud which you can start using right away.


Google AI cloud contains some of the most refined AI tools. Google’s intellectual team is responsible for organizing the internet. The secondary team is behind the creation of the programs like AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, and AlphaZero.

We are all aware of Google Translate and how helpful it is for our day to day work activities. However, it is not just limited to translating. Google translate provides excellent and real-time translation experience. Here it basically converts the words on your smartphone or PC screen from another language which you do not understand or speak to the one you read.

google AI

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge series of pre-trained models available to be generated at your own customized models.

2. Amazon Machine Learning on AWS

Without a doubt, Amazon Machine Learning on AWS is one of the most famous series of cloud-based AI tools. As confirmed by its own use of this technology, Amazon Machine Learning is the front-runner in many different areas of the industry that include AI cloud.

The Amazon Machine Learning tools help in many works, such as:

  • Increase the productivity of achievement centers.
  • Improvising the recommendation engine.
  • Enables the Alexa Voice Service.
  • Flying drones.


Watson is a question-answering machine which provides answers to the questions which asked in the natural languages. In other words, it is an IBM supercomputer that brings together the AI and Sophisticated Analysis software for an excellent performance as a question-answer machine.

Additionally, Watson IBM now offers the full collection to the intellectual computing tools and relishes the prosperous developer community.

4. MonkeyLearn

With the help of MonkeyLearn, the work of text analysis has become easier. MonkeyLearn provides the feature of easy-to-use analysis with the machine learning.

MonkeyLearn is applied to all the different kinds of projects such as searching for a common thread among the millions of messages in the emails.

The company provides a toolset in order to help implement the natural language processing features.

5. Microsoft Azure Cognito

Microsoft Azure Cognito has a bundle of exciting AI tools. They are available to use for free. Moreover, it offers natural language tools comprehensive knowledge processing models for the searching process.

Furthermore, it comes with some excellent tools with wonderful features like vision recognition, a full collection of natural language and speech tools. Spell check, text analysis, content moderation and language translation are some of the other models that Microsoft Azure Cognito Services come up with.

Overall, these tools are impressive and can be used for several purposes. The tools are easy to use and are time-saving as the performance of work takes little time.

Microsoft Azure

Life Is Simpler With Artificial Intelligence

Certainly, the AI strengthens the power of a human brain. According to the experts, the growth in the number of the productivity results in the equalling of exceeding the muscle engine. This, without a doubt, intensifies the working of the muscles and thus with the result of that, it has enabled the construction of the world where we live today.

If Artificial Intelligence achieves even a tiny percentage of what it has promised, then we are in point of a mammoth digital change taking place.

At last, with the use of the AI cloud tools, it increases the productivity. And hence, building on to the success and the experience you gain is going to help in innovating new ideas. These ideas will lastly assist you to invent the new idea that you would have never imagined of.

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