When you are working on your computer, the RAM stores the necessary files that will help you to do your work. These files can be files of any application that you are using. When your RAM gets filled up, your computer starts to slow down. Hence, it is very important to clean the RAM regularly, otherwise, you will have to use a laggy computer. There are some really good softwares of RAM cleaner for PC. These can help you keep your RAM clean and as a result, speed up your computer.

Best RAM Cleaner PC Software

So, let us see 10 of the best PC memory cleaner software that you can use:- 

1. Ashampoo Win Optimizer

It helps in scanning the computer and clears all the broken registry, temporary files of browsing with just a single click. This is also a fast RAM optimizer and has many good tools for maintenance. Along with cleaning the RAM, it can also boost the performance of your RAM.

2. Super PC Care

This is a one-stop solution for Windows Maintainance. It is very effective in cleaning your RAM and also boosts the performance of Windows PC. Besides being an effective PC memory cleaner, it is also very good at removing temporary files, junk files, malware, and other unnecessary elements. You can also fix registry errors and delete the startup programs that are unwanted. It also blocks annoying pop-ups like banners and unnecessary ads. Super PC also protects the computer against data spying. 

3. Advanced system optimizer

This is a very efficient RAM cleaner for PC. It monitors the memory usage of your computer and then increases the performance by clearing the memory. Most of the RAM space is generally taken up by the cache memory. Due to this reason, the new apps take more time to load. So, PC memory cleaner clears this cache memory and as a result, enhances the performance of your computer.

4. Wise Memory Optimizer

This RAM cleaner PC software requires a very less CPU space to get installed. It helps in cleaning the physical memory of the computer of all the applications that are running in the background. You can boost up the performance of your computer by using the Wise Memory software to free and tune the physical memory according to your needs. Another benefit of this software is that you can keep the program files in a flash drive and use it on any computer you want. 

5. RAMRush

This is a free memory cleaner tool. It is very efficient in clearing your memory and optimizing memory usage and as a result, it improves the performance of your system. Additionally, it can also help you in preventing memory leaks and system crashes and makes your computer run without any problem.

6. Mz RAM Booster

This software too helps in boosting the performance of the computer. It has a system of auto-recovering RAM. Additionally, it also does fine stabilization for some of the settings of the Windows system. The resources it uses are very minimal. It also prevents memory leaks. 

7. Tenoshare Windows Care Genius

Tenoshare is a free memory optimization tool. This is among the best RAM cleaners for PC and it will help you to monitor memory usage. By using this PC memory cleaner, you will also be able to reduce the boot-up time significantly. You will also get additional features like building a system restore point, various methods to clean partitions or drives, and many others.  

8. IObit

Another best RAM cleaner for PC is the IObit cleaner software. Within the interface of the IObit cleaner, you will see an easy click option to free up memory space and also to monitor the usage of the memory. IObit is the most important tool that should be on our computer. It will also help you to optimize memory usage by cleaning the RAM of all the unnecessary data. You can also obtain quick information about your memory with just one click. You will find this option on the menu bar of IObit. 

9. Memory Optimizer

If you are looking for the most effective RAM cleaner PC, then you must consider Memory Optimizer. By using this software, you can recover an incredible amount of memory space. You will also be able to effectively keep the memory usage in check by monitoring it. Memory optimizer shows you which programs are exploiting your memory and then offers you the option to optimize. You just have to press the button of “Optimize” and your memory will be optimized in no time. 

10. IoIo System Mechanic

Another best RAM cleaner for PC is IoIo System Mechanic. Besides clearing your RAM, you can disable any app that is unnecessary and using up the RAM and you can also clear the logs. You will also be able to delete the cache of your internet as well. Being a memory optimizer, you can also use it to fix any problem with your software. This software keeps updating itself regularly so that it can deliver the best performance. It also comes with many other features including privacy protection features. With all these features, it can be said that this is a whole package to keep your computer optimized. 


Discussed above are the best RAM cleaner PC software that you can get. No one likes a slow computer. This diminishes the user experience of the computer. So, use these best RAM cleaner for PC and enhance your computer using experience.