Many users can face the problem of graphics card fan not spinning. This problem is especially faced when a user has completed building his system. Users who are new to building systems mainly face this problem. If you too are facing this problem, then do not worry. This is a very minor problem and nothing major has gone wrong. Here, I will be discussing the causes and the solution to this issue.  

Common Causes for Video Card Fans not Spinning

There can be three scenarios in which your graphics card fan do not work. These scenarios can be:-

Graphics Card Settings

When you have installed a new graphics card in your system, you must first check its features carefully. In some graphics cards, the fan does not start spinning until it reaches a particular temperature. These graphics cards usually have a cooling mode that focuses on reducing system noise. However, most of the users start using their system for a time before they realize that the fan of the graphics card is not spinning. After realizing, they think that something is wrong. One reason can be because their graphics card was designed like this.

To check this, you can put stress on the graphics card by playing a game. This will increase the temperature of the graphics card and then the fan might start spinning. However, if the fan does not start spinning, then the reason must be something else.

But, if you are facing this on a new build of PC, then the reason for this can be any one of the following:-

The Power of the PCle is not plugged in

The reason for graphics cards not spinning can be because the power cable of the PCle from the PSU is not connected. This can happen because sometimes the first time builders forget to plug in things. You must check if the graphics card is properly connected to the power supply or not. Some of the graphics cards like the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 TI runs only on power form the lane of PCIe. So, check your connections and make sure that they are properly connected. 

Check the Connection of Power Cable

When you are looking for the reasons for “GPU fans not spinning”, you must check if all the other connections in your system are done correctly. It is always better to double-check for any additional connection problems. 

Solutions for Graphics Card Fan not Spinning

Now, let us see what are the solutions for this ‘GPU fan not working’ problem:-

Find a Working Power Supply 

Find a power source that is working and connect your system to that power supply and then check if the fan is spinning. If the fan is working, this means that the previous PSU that you were using was faulty. You can also try to install the graphics card in another lane of PCIe of your motherboard. This will tell you if the problem is with your PCIe lane or your entire motherboard. However, there is also a chance that your graphics card might be faulty. 

Use Another Computer that is working

You can also install the graphics card into another working computer. If the fan turns on without any problem, then there is a chance that the motherboard of your original computer is faulty. However, if the fan does not start, then your graphics card may have some problems.

Try to Boot up your Computer after Removing your Graphics Card

When you are facing the “GPU fans not spinning” problem, you can remove the graphics card and then try to boot up your computer. If you see that your computer is starting up without any problem, then the chance of your motherboard being faulty can be ruled out. You can now run a stress test on your computer and check if any problem shows up. If you find no problem, then either you PSU has faulty PCIe connectors or you have a faulty graphics card.

If your “graphics card fan not spinning” problem is still not fixed, then this means that your graphics card is faulty.

There can be some other reasons that can prevent the graphics card fan from spinning. These reasons are as follows:- 

Dusty GPU

If someone is facing this problem on their old computer, then there is a chance that their graphics card fan has stopped spinning due to the accumulation of dust. The user may be using the GPU for a long period of time, and until the problem showed up, the fans used to spin perfectly. Over time, due to lack of cleaning, dust gets settled on the graphics card and hence is now causing this problem of “GPU fans not spinning”. All you have to do is take out the graphics card and clean it. Now, place it back and see if the fans are working properly or not. However, you can also try the next solution before placing it back into your system. 

The bearings of the GPU fans need oiling

Just like dusting is necessary for old GPU, the bearing of the fans also need oiling. Re-oiling the bearings can make your graphics card last longer. In order to do that, take out the fans from the already removed graphics card. Take the stickers out from the back of the fans and apply two drops of electric motor oil. Now place the fans back into the graphics card and then place the graphics card into the computer. Turn on your system and check if the fans are spinning. If the fans do not spin, then it means that this graphics card will not work.        

Additional Solutions for Video Card Fans not Spinning Problem

Let us see some other solutions that can solve this GPU fan problem:-

Restart your Computer

The easiest solution for this problem is to restart your computer. Restarting your computer can solve many problems. This helps to refresh the computer and remove any unwanted files and also fix the system settings so that the system can function properly. This can also make your GPU fans spin again. 

GPU Software and Drivers Update

If your GPU software or your drivers are outdated, the problem of “video card fans not spinning” can occur. So, it is always better to keep your software and drivers updated. You can go to the official site of your graphics card manufacturer and check for any latest updates.

Sometimes, the drivers of your graphics card can cause the fan to stop working. For such instances, you can try to uninstall the driver and then install it again. Some settings of the GPU software can also mess with the functionality of the fan. You can uninstall the software and then reinstall it to see if the problem is solved. 

GPU Fan Replacement

If you see that none of the previous solutions are working, then the reason might be a mechanical failure of the fan. This problem is especially seen for the GPU that is being used for a long time. Hence, you have to replace your fan. After replacing the fan, place it inside your system and check if the fans are working. 


The above reasons and solutions are the most common in the situation when your graphics card fan is not spinning. Follow these methods closely to solve your “GPU fans not spinning” problem. They are very effective and easy to implement.